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#OH I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS #Because for once it doesn’t concentrate on JUST the main companions (though River doesn’t fall under that category… Well and Jack/Face of Boe) #It focuses on the minor characters #the ones that only got one or two episodes #One a fleeting moment or two to prove their worth #and it shows us that even though they’re not the MAIN companions #the Doctor still believes in all of them - finds them all to be brave and strong and good#Jade who gave up her life so he could save everyone #Lynda with a Y who stayed to hold off the Daleks when she could have ran #Luke (knowing he messed up with the Sontarans) who sacrificed himself to buy the Doctor time to save the planet from the poisoned air #The Hostess who gave up her own life to drag the Creature with her out onto Midnight (and they never even caught her name) #Every single one of these characters gave up their lives to save others; save the planet; save the Doctor#They were brilliant and strong and though they might not have always been ‘The Best’ - they were all always brave

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